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HISHIGHNESS takes great pride in its craftspeople, among the last to still make exquisite lighting masterpieces in India, the quality of our goods and attention to detail are paramount to our success.

We therefore only work with the best craftsmen and women to continuously improve our quality control to ensure the highest standards throughout the production process.


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Born in the city of Patiala known for its opulence and splendour, with an ambitious worldwide outlook, we are dreamers who believe in crafting timeless classics which pass through generations. Juxtaposing new ideas with good old-fashioned skilled worksmanship using rich, premium and highly resourceful materials is what we believe in.

Bespoke Lighting Instruments

Hand-assembled and customised to the choice of styling and patinas,...

No Crystal Chandeliers

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Timeless Style, Flawless Craftsmanship

Today we show you a preview of a piece of...