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Bespoke Lighting Instruments

By Hishighness

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Hand-assembled and customised to the choice of styling and patinas, HISHIGHNESS bespoke lighting instruments combine absolute magnificent persona and unique flair.

As opposed to ready-to-litinstruments, or “demi-mesure” instruments, which are simple adaptations of existing models, bespoke lighting instruments are created from scratch. The client is at the very center of the process, and the future instrument will be created according to the morphology of his taste.

At HISHIGHNESS, it all starts with the first appointment, when the designer and the client meet.the designer listens, questions, and notes the wishes and habits of his client. In fact, bespoke instrument requires the dual input of designer and client: style, finish, shades etc… all will be decided during this essential first meeting.

Next comes the measuring procedure. Between six and ten measurements are required to grasp the precise morphology, volume, width, and weight-bearing areas of the site.Lastly, the client will choose from the various designs proposed.

The last-maker chooses hornbeam, a hard, dense wood, from which to gradually sculpt the shape of the instrument with his knife.

The last will then be smoothed with a rasp and sandpaper.

This very technical stage requires great precision in order to ensure that the wooden last respects the morphology of the design and ensures the fixtures shapeliness.

The pattern-maker begins by making the pattern. A prototype of the model is developed by assembling numerous parts of the instrument together.


During a second appointment, the client will visualise the prototype created from the traditionally-making techniques.

This is when he can judge the size &style of the instrument. The designer will note the points to be rectified in order to suit the clients taste.

The various components are now hand-assembled at last.In total, some 30 hours of work is involved.

The colorist now provides the final touch: the patina/finish. The client has chosen from the infinite range of options. Created by hand and generously nourished with essential oils, they endow the instruments with a color and sheen all their own, full of life and character.

After 6 months of work, bespoke lighting instruments are ready to be delivered to the client.

Last-maker, pattern-maker, colorist, the craftsmen in the bespoke workshops will have carried out over 198 operations in order to offer their client the perfect lighting instrument,as Aseem Jain likes to remind us.


Up to 150 hours of work for a pair of boots
12 craftsmen in the workshops
6 to 9 months to make a bespoke lighting instrument
A rich variety of finishes, from the traditional oxidised to Patina
Immense possibilities for customisation:initials, patina colors, finishes, styling & much more

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