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Westbourne Chandelier 1

No Crystal Chandeliers

By Hishighness

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When we think about HISHIGHNESS, the connection to the “luxury chandelier with crystals” comes spontaneously. Did you know, though, that some of our best-sellers are “crystal free”? Some of our models are designed for all of those who choose to enhance the structure and finish of the chandelier, with focus to “the detail” obtained by the accurate work of our artisans. The craftsmanship in the processing of precious metals, such as brass or bronze, is revealed at first sight. The “headquarters” of renown fashion houses, the lobby of luxury hotels, the rooms of the villas, the large halls of historic houses, the prestigious furniture showrooms, all have a common denominator: a classic chandelier, most of the times without crystals. In the photos above, you can see some of our chandeliers. These chandeliers are masterpieces outcome of our rigorous practices and precision . The care and precision in details,together with high-quality materials, gives character and prestige to these “hanging jewels”.

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